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Cantatis Overture 192

Many people are now using the Overture 192.

For every 10 products we supply, we receive THREE letters of thanks.

We think this is quite remarkable and unprecidented in our experience of the consumer electronics industry.

This page gives you extracts of just some of these letters....they make compelling reading, don't they !!

I've had my Overture192 for a couple of years now, and just changed my PC to a new Windows 7 desktop.

Initially I had some problems with the installation, but an email to Cantatis support soon got me fixed and my Overture192 playing again! Phew!

Great support from these guys - never had the need to contact them before, but I have to applaud their responsiveness and amazing knowledge.

Thanks Cantatis!!

Have received the Overture 192. It is now connected and running on my Dell computer. I must say that I am extremely impressed with the sound quality. It is without doubt the best sound I have ever heard from a computer. I am feeding into my Roksan Kandy III ampflier and I am having great fun trying out different sound programmes. My very best wishes to your engineers - a GREAT job!!!

Sorry I didn't get round to mailing sooner, but I have simply been enthralled by the sound quality.

My card arrived today - What can I say but "WOW" !
I wondered about the claims you made for your unit and, as you know, it is not cheap.
Well, it is all true - easy to install (almost disappointingly easy!), the software setup is easy and the sound is out of this world!
Best of all I have hooked up my Hi-Fi and I cannot hear any difference between the PC-generated sound and the component generated sound.

I read a comment on your website to the effect that "even my MP3's sound good" with great skepticism but I will admit that well recorded music reduced to MP3 sounds unbelievably good considering the extent to which it has been manipulated.

Congratulations on producing a great sound card!

Just to let you know I recieved my Overture 192 this - thankyou :-)
I am,at the moment,listening to Pro Quality Sound through my Arcam AV350 and loving it,after using your clear, but concise instructions on installing Drivers on Windows 7.

Your Customer Service has been faultless, and I will not hesitate in recommending your products to anyone who is interested!

Regards,and all the best in what you are doing.

I've installed it and it is as fantastic as all the reports I've read - like listening to everything through silk. I have Music Fidelity amps and Spendor speakers so you'll know what I mean.

I had to tell you one thing - Overture is absolutely fantastic sound card!!!

The music its playing ...sounds great!
The burr brown DAC is a good choice.
I am very happy with it , just wanted to say that.

Btw ..even my wife hears the changes in my system...:)
Tommorow my wife is gone to work, so i can listen to music all day...(at volume i like ;) )

First impressions about my new Cantatis Overture 192

Superb build quality. * * * * *

Sound definitely ... HUGE (great). * * * * *

Had the ASIO driver working. All was perfect!!.

I've written some good things about it on
Some people wanted to know my experiences.

Thanks for the help,

I recieved my Overture today, about 24 hrs after ordering it.

I have been in hifi for over 35 years now i'm a good looking 62 year old (cough) and i can tell you this product is nothing short of excellent.

BBC live is so real and so is the spoken word.
I have listened to my PC player and it produces as good as if not better then my 4000 Mimetism cd player from Absolute Sounds London.

To think some low cost PC CD drive in my PC can produce such a wonderful sound is great news..

I can report back now, have had the card in my system for a few days. It sounds much better than any other PCI card I have heard (and I've heard quite a few). Moreover, it sounds snappy and PRaTs very well, making it very at home in a Naim system. The price is ridiculous for what one gets really. The only Naim sources I have had in my system is a 5i-2 and a 5x, and the Cantatis is miles better than the 5i-2, and somewhat better than the 5x imo.

Anyway, a no-brainer really for the price. Yes, it's more expensive than many cheap soundcards, but YES YES YES it is well worth it!
Kashmir on Naim forum

Cantatis has squeezed every last 'decibel of goodness' from the design, extracting excellent stereo performance from digital data, producing an output quality usually associated with very high-end Hi-Fi separates.

The Cantatis Overture 192 provides performance at least equal to, and generally better than Pro Audio, both on its audio outputs and its headphone outputs. Jitter, in pSec is astonishingly low - just typically 75pSec!!

To put it simply, it sounds very, very good. A different league than the Onkyo and Audiotraks actually. Detailed, snappy, rhythmic sound; tuneful bass and great voices. Films sound much better as well, words are easier to pick up.

This card is a real killer.

And, oh, stereo separation seems much better than the Onkyo, everything is more "there".

Big ups to Cantatis.
Fidelio on forum

The Cantatis is miles better than the Onkyo, they are just in two completely different leagues.
The Cantatis is much better defined and detailed, but much more natural than the Onkyo. the Cantatis more "upfront", and the Cantatis is much better to listen to during long listening sessions, much less fatigue than the Onkyo.

The highs on the Cantatis are crisp, clean and airy, and very very natural, perhaps its best part of all. I love this card, as you might have gathered A big PLUS@ Cantatis, for 300 this must be the biggest bargain ever in hi-fi.
Fidelio on forum


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