Overture 192 High Performance 24-bit 192kHz Soundcard

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Now YOU Can Unlock Truly Remarkable Sound Quality From YOUR Computer, Bettering Even The Very Best Expensive Hi-Fi BY FAR.

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  • Overture192 Soundcard
  • Drivers Disk
  • Software Control Panel Application
  • Instructions


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    You love your music and you love the flexibility that comes from storing your music on a PC.

    BUT you’ve always thought that the sound quality was limiting. Too tinny, the sound too thin, unpleasant and fatiguing.
    In fact, not for REAL music lovers.

    The hi-fi world would love to make you think that you need to spend many thousands of pounds on equipment to hear a difference. Cantatis now blows this idea out of the water and for a modest investment your PC can now produce sound quality to match a CD player costing thousands of pounds.

    You can believe the numbers for SNR, Jitter, Dynamic Range and THD (see below for these numbers if you wish),... or you can just believe your ears!

    The Cantatis products are easy to fit to standard PCs and require no specialist knowledge. Our friendly helpline is always available to help (it’s manned by music enthusiasts and musicians as well!).


    A name you will hear a lot more about. Designed in Britain. Made in Britain. The Cantatis range delivers superlative performance taking your audio experience closer to perfection. Cantatis offers unbeatable value to lovers of music.

    Do yourself a favour. Do your music collection a favour. Most of all do your ears a favour!

    Overture 192 - Overview

    A flagship audio interface with no compromise to quality on either the heavy gold RCA connectors (line outputs) or via headphones.

    Bringing performance to your computer to rival up-market hi-fi separates and professional audio equipment, with ultra-low noise, very low jitter, uncomplicated features and beautiful sonic balance to allow you to create inspired audio in your home or studio alike.

    Supplied in a retail box, including the Overture 192 soundcard itself, a CD containing the drivers and application software as well as the full instruction manuals for all supported operating systems, and a cute little instruction card to get you going within minutes. You could want for nothing more !!

    Audio experience closer to perfection.

    Overture 192 - Technical Details

    The first computer audio product to utilise DUAL Burr Brown PCM1794A Digital to Analogue converters in Dual Mono Mode bringing the power of one ultra-high quality advanced DAC to each audio channel, results in industry leading performance for hi-fi purists and professional audio users alike.

    High specification audiophile op-amps are used throughout the design, as is ultra-stable clocking circuitry giving incredibly low noise and minimally-low jitter stereo outputs comparable with the very best available, regardless of price.

    A specialist circuit using a Texas Instruments amplifier drives the headphone outputs to suit a very wide range of headphone types (30Ω to 600Ω) giving an exceptionally high dynamic range performance.

    Digital S/PDIF outputs, both optical (TOSLINK) and electrical (RCA) are provided, at, uniquely, up to the very full 192kHz sample rate to match professional audio equipment, giving certain system compatibility.

    High accuracy heavily filtered three stage linear on-board power supplies are utilised to minimise the adverse effects of low quality switch mode power supplies often used in PCs.

    Put simply, you get incredible audio performance in even average computers!

    Please note that as we embrace a continual improvement principle, all specifications are subject to change.





    Dynamic range (A-weighted) 132 dB 124 dB
    Signal to Noise (A-weighted) 132 dB 125 dB
    THD+N @ VOUT = 0 dB < 0.0004% < 0.0005%
    Jitter < 75 pS < 75 pS
    Frequency response - 2Hz to 22kHz +/- 0.2 dB +/- 0.4 dB
    Device specifications noted above; performance within particular computers may differ slightly.


    • Analogue outputs - nominal 2.3V rms on studio grade, gold plated RCA female connectors.
    • Headphone Outputs - 3.5mm connector and on-board header for linking to computer front panel.
    • Sample rates - 32kHz to 192kHz (automatic or user-selected including up-sampling).
    • Digital output S/PDIF - optical (TOSLINK) and co-axial (RCA) outputs at up to full 192kHz sampling rate.
    • On-board expansion ports for additional audio outputs or inputs.
    • PCI 2.2 and 2.3 compliant.
    • WDM drivers for Microsoft Windows® 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows7, 8 and 10.
    • For more information relating to Windows7, 8 and 10 see Support Questions.
    • ASIO 2.0 compatible, with suitable software.
    • Intuitive control panel softare for ultimate ease of use.
    • Easy and quick to install.
    • Intuitive control application for ultimate ease of use.

    [Introduction] [Overview] [Technical]

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