If you have a query or a problem, or even if you are just looking for further information about the Cantatis products then please browse through the sections below. If all else fails then our dedicated support team are there to help in a crisis!

Hi Fi PC Frequently Asked Questions and answers


Our Frequently Asked Questions list and range of Application Notes will help you get the best from your Cantatis products.

Download sound card drivers

Latest Software

Download the latest drivers and application software for your Cantatis products.

Audio products and accessories documentaton


Download up-to-date manuals to get comprehensive yet simple instructions on how to install and use your Cantatis products.

Brochure information


Download our product brochures to find out why we believe Cantatis products are the best you can get.

Warranty and repair

Warranty and Repair

Check on the warranty that applies to your Cantatis product and find out what to do if you think your product might be faulty.

Contact Cantatis Support

Contact Support

If you're really stuck then get in touch with our support team.


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