About Cantatis

Cantatis was formed in 2004 by a dedicated team of product designers and developers who had several lifetimes of experience working in large consumer electronic companies in corporate environments.

Their designs and products will be in many millions of homes in the UK and worldwide. Their ambition was to build on this talent and knowledge to bring that expertise to the audio market which has traditionally been the subject of myth, prejudice and often simply plain poor quality designs which often failed after a minimal time being used. We have all seen this, we would be certain. Our team wanted to break open this myth and the norms within the audio market.

This team initially focused on developing products for third parties under so called OEM agreements - meaning that we do the designs, manage production and ship the units which carry the badge of major, premier league brands with which you would be very familiar with if you have ever picked up a Hi-Fi, life-style or technology magazine.

These agreements are, as always, subject to strict confidentiality agreements but we can tell you that they involve some very well known brands in the audio world.

These audio products have been sold in big numbers - many tens of thousands of products at a value of many millions of pounds (between £87m and £100m last time we checked). One thing we can share with you is the large and growing list of awards that have been won by these innovative products from some of the industries most important publications...as well as a major award for our Innovation in Business.

In 2009 the team decided to additionally start developing the Cantatis brand as a brand in its own right selling directly to the public mainly via the web, and through a few carefully selected regional distributors.

The Cantatis Overture 192 soundcard was launched to critical acclaim in late 2009. Although the launch was intentionally relatively low key the product has been phenomenally well received by users around the globe with over 50% of sales being made outside the UK. Incredibly over 30% of buyers have proactively given hugely positive feedback commenting on the excellence of this product.

Buoyed up by this feedback, the decision has been taken to further develop and enhance the Overture192 marketing and availability... that is what Cantatis is all about.

Cantatis is now a division of CLST Ltd which has its offices at:-

27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX  Phone: 44 (0)2033 900398


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